i’ve been thinking lately about reasons why i have so much trouble with students who can’t seem to stop talking. i spend most of my teaching time saying “stop talking”–“please be quiet” — “don’t use your vocal cords”–“why do you have to say everything that pops in your mind?”—okay…any other phrases mean the same thing.

so why am i still having so much trouble? i try very hard to plan invigorating lessons and reading assignments. but still there seems nothing i can do to get them quiet. what is so important that they have to talk nonstop? why do they show such disrespect to me?

why can’t they talk? what am i afraid of ? who am i trying to protect? why does it make me so mad when i’m trying to explain something and have to yell across the masses? i mean, projecting one’s voice is normal and good for practice, right? and there’s only a few more days of school left, so i can handle the talking. i’ve done it this long–what’s a few more days?