tonight is a proms & potties episode:

kev and i had a rare treat tonight–an actual date! our plan was to get food and see a movie–in a theater, NOT in front of the television! so, for some strange reason, the stars aligned, and mama agreed to babysit.

potties: upon hearing around 5:00 that mommy & daddy are going on a date, lily says: “what is a date?”

me: a date is when a boy & a girl get food and see a movie, then the boy takes the girl home and he kisses her on her front porch, then the girl’s daddy comes out and yells at the boy, and the boy runs away.

lily: do they get popcorn?

me: (huh?) ummm…yes, they get popcorn at the  movie.

lily: and do they have candy?

me: hmm….yes, the boy and girl definitely get candy.

lily: i want to go on a date! mommy, can we go on a date?

me: no. sometimes mommies and daddies have to go on a date without the baby.

lily: but i will miss you and you can take me with you because i will be all by myself.

me: you’re staying here with mamaw and jake.

lily: (yelling & running to the hall bathroom–i hear the door slam shut & click locked) “oh, mommy…i don’t like this! i don’t like this!


after a lovely evening despite the rain, kev and i return home. we have eaten, been to the bookstore, seen cop out at the coolest theater EVER, and had midnight eating at ihop.


kev leans over to kiss me after he parked the car in the garage. we are greeted by jake…

jake: what the crap are ya’ll doing?! you scared me half to death!!!

me: why?

jake: why didn’t you answer the phone? huh? i’ve been calling and calling and you didn’t answer! you have like 8 voicemails and texts.

me: what? why were you worried? the movie didn’t start until 9:30, then we went to ihop…

jake: you can’t fuss at me anymore for changing plans and getting home at 1:00 in the morning–i was so worried!

me: i figured you’d be in bed or playing video games…

jake: mom, i’m too much like you. i don’t want to go to bed until you’re here.


once again, two very different children expressing the same emotion. other than worrying jake, it’s nice to be the mommy and finally see some love!!

note to self: call jake with plans so he won’t worry!