My friend somer is driving me crazy. she keeps telling me that “we” have to write. “we” have to get published. “we” have to have a plan for greatness. what’s up with all this “we” stuff? are we joined at the hip?

so here’s our plan: this weekend, we have to write 3 pages–1500 words approximately–and discuss our writing on monday (does she know there’s only 2 days in the weekend? and i’ll probably have company all day on sunday and won’t be able to write? plus i have a thousand papers to check–literally! somehow i’ve found time to write on this blog every day, but that only takes about 20 minutes, and i’m not really writing about anything very important. it’s just for fun…but somer’s sort of serious.

i mean, it’s obvious that i probably won’t win the lottery–but why not me?– mainly because i don’t play often enough, and i live in a podunk town where only rednecks and super-rich people win…so, if i’m going to live in the lap o’luxory, then i’m gonna have to do something drastic. i thought that meant going to college, but obviously i was wrong. i mean, who decides to teach anymore, for crying out loud????

anyway, IF both somer and i write this weekend, we get coffee on monday–at first, we were going to go to mcd’s after school (ummm…because there’s NOT a starbucks OR similar cafe anywhere near me!); however, somer decided that she’d stop at mcd’s on the way to work on monday. EVEN BETTER!!

so, i’m writing for the coffee. NOT for the possiblity of fame and fortune. maybe if i keep my standards low then i’ll have a better chance of actually writing!