i’m so tired of playing at school. being the policeman who has to fuss all the time. i wonder what  makes English so blah for some people and a refuge for others? does it even matter? i mean, i ‘m looking at tyler & tyler who are talking & chandler who is listening and not talking or working; and matthew, who out of the blue while we’re supposed to be writing (and for the most part the room is a quiet buzz and scratching of pens on paper)– blurts out, in all seriousness, “when do we get our writing test scores?” SERIOUSLY???? YOU CAN’T SEE THAT WE’RE WORKING? YOU CAN’T HOLD THAT QUESTION FOR ANOTHER 3 MINUTES? IT’S OKAY TO SAY WHATEVER IS ON YOUR MIND EVEN THOUGH IT’S AN INAPPROPRIATE TIME? SERIOUSLY???

each student i teach is so different, and so unpredictable in their attention to their work. i’m tired of fighting, tired of being the bad guy,and most definitely tired of dirty looks i get when i yell for the millionth time to stop talking!

and why can’t they talk? what’s the issue? well, i don’t know exactly. i just know that when there are 25-33 students in a class and everyone tries to talk at he same time, it is chaotic, and i can’t help them learn anything.

and whatever score they might have made on their writing test won’t matter.