ummm…tonight probably wasn’t the best time for me to push “glee” on my students!!!  it was the “madonna” episode–totally fantastic, mind you–but 3 couples were being pressured into sex. a definite LEVEL 2 sin!!! and, for santana (the cheerio who seduced finn) a probable LEVEL 3–sexual gluttony!! ha!

however, while the show did address the differences between males & females and the whole sex-thing, the only person who looks like they went through with it was the dude–finn! the girls were “virginal” –another stereotypical abstinence example. to complete this view, the boys (men, in will shuster’s place) were gracious and accomodating when the girls said “not now.”

once again, i KNOW this is a tv show. but i LOVE the writing; the realness; the total applicability of the situations in this show to my students. not every storyline, of course, but tomorrow when we’re discussing peer pressure during the Holocaust, you can bet that i’m going to refer to this particular episode: how were students pressured into having sex? what resistance did they feel? was each person honest as a “witness” of their account of the date?

kurt said it best when he said that they (the glee members) have to “respect each other as individuals–really see each other.” what would have happened if more germans felt courageous enough to do that during ww2?