so here i sit at 10:51 pm on a saturday night…and guess what’s NOT on tv? yep–anything good!! ha!

all i can say is thank goodness for law and order!

okay, i’m really talking about tv because i can’t think of anything to write about today. i’ve been thinking about writing all day, but nothing strikes me as important or pressing or even funny. today is just a totally boring day. not boring, exactly, but just a day.

yesterday, we went  to the opening game for the hickory crawdads and stayed for  the fireworks. it was the first time that lily had ever seen real fireworks….jake, on the other hand, had had enough of family time. he said that he’d been with me at the beach, family movie night week before last, and for open house at east carolina last weekend–so a baseball game was WAY too much! ha! but here was lily…enjoying fireworks and having fun. and i started thinking that soon, she’ll be old like jake, and bored with family time, too.

then, as i’m writing this, mother and i have a fight about her house in gilkey getting broken into. i’m supposed to feel bad.

i’m supposed to. but…