The Inferno is a difficult piece of literature, and one of only 2 “old” texts i teach–oedipus rex being the other one. i’m not sure what it is about these stories, but all i want to do is have students see their relevance to our times. people don’t change (and according to dante, neither do the sins! ).

in the spirit of connections, this is my powerpoint for the different levels; so, if you’re reading this but haven’t read the inferno, here’s your chance to learn about it. maybe you recognize someone you  know has characteristics of a  certain level,  and you’ll get to send them to hell–figuratively of course!!

Inferno — tour of hell

but, if you’re interested in what level YOU would go to, just go here and take this test…if you take it, send a comment and let me know what level you land in. i’m on level 5. of course, i can’t understand why!!! ha