so, i’m remembering the office episode where michael and dwight are driving to new york, and they are following the directions in the GPS. the soft all-knowing voice tells michael which turns to make when, but dwight helps with the navigation, too; of course, michael tells dwight that the GPS is doing all the work, and he should just stop worrying. and michael keeps following the tantalizing voice despite the fact that “she” tells him to turn right–right into a pond! dwight has seen this already, and the funniness ensues when the guys start screaming at each other. dwight screams, “it’s a pond..there’s water..don’t turn.” and michael says, with equal feeling, that “she’s telling me to tuuuurnn. i have to tuuurrn!!!”  and they end up all wet.

when i watched that episode with the jakester, i told him there was no way i would get him a GPS because he’s blonde like michael, and he would end up in the pond, too, even though he could plainly see the water!! haha…

interestingly, after a harrowing experience of my own tonight (i tried to find a library in a nearby town–the first time using kev’s GPS), i’ve decided that i want to be a GPS navigation system. just hold on and hear me out…

i want to always know where i am and where i’m going.

i want to be right–no questions asked–and just keep repeating my “rightness,” until someone listens (or not).

i want to be able to get back on track despite detours, closed roads, or stops along the way.

i want to know that someone has programmed my destination–and all i have to do is decide if i want the shortest or less traveled way!

haha….doesn’t that sound like the only way to be in a crazy world???

(btw…i did NOT find the library with the GPS. i had to stop at a gas station for directions the old fashioned way!)