today is a proms & potties entry:

proms: taking jake to open house at east carolina today–he just didn’t want me to be around him at all today. every time i tried to talk to him, he seemed put out that i was still there, trying to talk to him!

potties: we left yesterday for ecu, and lily cried the entire day as i was getting ready to leave; “don’t leave me, mommy” — “take me with you, peese, mommy” — well, at least she likes me and wants to be around me!

potties: lily went “shopping” in my closet and has my shoes in a bag. she’s walking around in a pair of my high heels and having SUCH fun. she walks with her hands out like a little miss priss–it’s hilarious…until….

proms: lily’s crying and screaming at jake. when i ask what is wrong, this is what she says: “look, mommy! jake has your fip-fops! i want some fip-fops, too!” — jake had on my croc sandals, knowing that lily would be totally pissed and scream at him!!!! she did NOT disappoint!! 😉

the other thing about today is taking jake to ecu’s open house. i’m so excited/sad/worried/discombobulated that i can’t possibly process the fact that jake is going 5 hours away to college. i understand the need to leave me and get out on his own; however, this time in his life seemed so far away yesterday, that for it to be here now is unfathomable.

but, i have a theme song already for college move-in day: “missing you” by john waite (an 80s song, of course!!)