i hate american idol this year!! there, i said it! i don’t like any of the contestants, the judges are obnoxious, and there is no reason to watch. i hate this–it’s like the end of an era or something. i feel like i did when seinfeld ended or when i stayed up all night watching l.a. law episodes. the world is just not right.

whether or not the folks at AI want to admit it, they need paula back in that judge’s chair. no offense to ellen, who i think is hilarious, but she isn’t as off the cuff funny as she is on stage or on her own show. and how could she be? it usually takes a few minutes to catch her jokes–and it’s time you don’t really have for the 3 minutes the panel has to speak. plus, the contestants really have no sense of humor this year. they are still waiting patiently for the nod from paula to say “oh, it wasn’t as bad as you think it was. you can do better next week.”

but that isn’t coming–may be it was greed or pride, but whatever kept paula off american idol has spelled tragedy for the show–in my opinion, of course.

and can we talk for a minute about the song choices this year? where are the rockers? the showmakers? there are NONE!! only that crystal girl has any uumph, and she’s too busy being all “thinky” about “who she is” and trying to be sure her white-girl dreds looks clean. hello….their dreadlocks!! they are supposed to look dirty–because you DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR!! it should be a crime for white people–especially white chicks– to wear dreadlocks. i mean, that is SO 19–never!!

so there is no david cook and definitely no adam lambert. and no reason to watch. i’m turning the tivo off. wake me up when may ends (haha…cuz that’s a greenday reference–who has absolutely no relationship to american idol!! 😉 )

god…when does glee start????