so many things are on my mind today–i can’t focus on anything. the beach always make me more freaking introspective. okay-actually, i think it’s called depressed. Except for my time living in Charleston, I’ve only had a limited time at the beach. and i can’t stand going anywhere else on vacation. I want to lay in the sand, soak up the killer sunlight, and listen to the roar of the waves. It’s as if i’m hopelessly hypnotized. i’m like edna in the awakening–reaching out to the sea to calm the restlessness that is my life. granted, shes takes it too far and leaves everything behind, but it is the sea that brings her (ME!) joy.

maybe my problem is i want more out of life. I want to do something not just sit around and wait for something. Unfortunately, i can’t/don’t/won’t do anything–except sit here under the hot sun, in the the bone-chilling wind, listening to the water lap at the sand, pray the birds being fed by a nearby idiot don’t see me as dessert, and catch the umbrella that just disentangled itself from its sandy cuffs!! OUCH!!!