will jack (of the tv show 24) find the nuclear bomb and finally get to have a girlfriend (renee)? i totally hope so….will duke win the ncaa tourney tonight? i totally hope so….these are the questions being pondered tonight as jake, lily, my sister Paula, and my nephew Jamie, sit in our hotel room watching the tube. it’s amazing how much our lives revolve around television–for news, entertainment, even companionship. i feel like jack bauer could be a friend of mine who is just a little off, but definitely needs some romance. it’s the way i feel when i hear someone i love on a show is leaving (law and order is going through some changes that i don’t particularly like at the moment). glee will be on in a week or so, and i seriously can’t wait. i’m wrapped up in the lives of those characters, too, and feel like i know them personally.

i’m sure this is how stalkers feel just before they they start tapping celebritys’ phones!

so, with all this tv watching, why is there such a decline in reading? some segue, huh? here’s my point….i’ve just finished a book called the hunger games–a TOTAL must read!–where the whole (dystopian) country is wrapped up in the lives of the game’s contestants; and indeed, i was, too. all i wanted to do was talk to the main character and give her my advice for what she should do. how she should live. which boy to choose. that’s how i feel about jack bauer. i’m thinking that just a little talk with steph will make his life better. but that’s not the actual point. if people who watch tv all the time could just transfer that to reading, their imaginations, not to mention their lives, would be so much better!! they’d know that people can hide a secret, or be in love with more than one someone and not know what to do about it, or learn how to set a table and behave in formal situations, or even which car/cell phone is the best (haha!). reading is the best–better than tv.  and this is coming from a complete and total tv-a-holic!!

so, GO READ A BOOK!!! 😉

then send me a comment and tell me all about it…