poor kev spent most of the day in the emergency room. he came home sick–as in barfing his guts out! all i heard was upchucking and sudden slamming; i thought he’d either fainted or was trying to get my attention. it was neither. all he was doing was kicking the floor because he was dry heaving. so, i made him go to the doctor.

the  emergency room is not the funnest place in the world (i know that’s not an actual word!), and all i could do was worry about what might happen or what will inevitably happen (to everybody) and get all depressed. getting old just totally sucks, but being old AND fat is suckier (again, i understand that’s not a real word!). so, both of us are making changes–immediate ones! and it will be okay.

i can still have chocolate.

but kev can’t get sick just so he can go to the hospital to take a freaking nap!! 😉