5 songs on my shuffled playlist:

you’re the devil in disguise (elvis)

sweet caroline (neil diamond)

cemetaries of london (coldplay)

i want to be loved (bon jovi)]

ring of fire (johnny cash)


relax, my students call

the sweet sirens’ cajole me day after day

it’s just “the devil in disguise.” i tell myself

no worries as the smoke clears and caroline’s

“good times never looked so good”

the truth being i knew “they never would.”

i could fill the “cemetaries of london”

with excuses of my students.

too sad that no one bothers

giving them a reason to believe in themselves

or their potential.

“i want to be loved” they cry.

tell me that you believe. you, my teacher,

you believe in me despite

the blurred vision,buried heads, bruised egos.

i’m surrounded by this “ring of fire” wishing i could cave

craving to be important in

importing the knowledge you

don’t know you’ll need.

**i know this needs revision, but i was working under the gun–and i’m 8 minutes late in posting!!!