tonight’s post is a lily story:

a man falls in love with girl who is beautiful.  the man’s name is computer, and the girl’s name is number. one day, computer saw number in the forest. he thought she was beautiful. number thought computer was beautiful, too. she had a beautiful green hat and a beautiful voice. she was singing “twinkle, twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are.” computer was riding on a horse and heard her, but number ran away because she was scared. number took a magic potion and turned into a lamp; she could turn on, but she was not happy. then some reindeer came and she turned into a reindeer. a while later, she grew legs and turned back into a girl. and computer came back and married her. then a witch came and put a spell on number and made her turn into a giant  mermaid. computer had to go save her and everybody wanted to take her to the big doctor. but computer said no–“all she needs is a kiss from her prince–that’s me!” so computer kissed number and she woke up and turned back into a human again. then computer and number lived happily ever after–until someone came and stealed her!!!!!

ya gotta love a lily story!!!!