tonight is a proms & potties post….

proms….”mom, did you get paid today?” (jake)

(me) “yes, why?”

(jake) “let’s go to the mall and buy some hollister clothes.”

–and when we do, he throws candy and the fresh prince of belaire movies in the buggy at target!!! so much money down the drain for my college-bound wonderboy!

potties…..”mommy, can i have this princess belle?” (lily)

(me) “umm…no, i just bought you 4 dresses and an alice in wonderland movie. plus, you already have that doll.”

(lily)  — a crying fit ensues. then suddenly she stops while i pay for the easter basket stuff.

while we’re putting the buggy up, lily looks at me sorrowfully. when i ask her twice what was wrong, i figure out that she stopped crying because she’d put the princess doll in her pocketbook!!!!!!!!

–another crying fit ensues as i take the doll back to the counter!!

i’ve had a great time posting this last month and hope to continue…