i’m mad at my husband tonight, and i hope he reads this. i keep dropping hints that my feet hurt every day, and that i’d be willing to have an affair with another dude if all that would happen is he’s rub my feet. he told me to just find my dream dude.

i couldn’t believe it.

it made me totally sad.

it makes me wonder: if he’s willing to let me have a foot-rub massage affair, what kind of bad birthday present is he going to wrap for me?

wait…what if he forgets my birthday is coming up? i mean, i think it’s next week.

omg…my birthday is next week! i thought i had another few weeks before once again confronting my increasing age? seriously, though, it’s next week. in about 10 days, actually.

i find that sad, but i don’t know why. i always think i should be better off. better paid, have won the lottery, a backyard pool at least. but no. none of those things.

just a cool kid who’s bound for college next year, and a silly toddler who sings random sentences.

and, of course, a mean old husband who would rather i had a footsy-affair than rub the soreness out of my poor, tired pedis!!!

maybe life’s not all bad!!!  🙂