i absolutely love sundays….a cup of coffee; thick sunday newspaper (okay, it’s gotten thinner over the years)– i especially love the comics wrapped around the sales papers. it’s fun to “shop” and make “i wanna” lists…i’m not really much of a shopper, so all i do is look at the pictures and think: “i want that…and that…and that…” then i feel guilty, sigh, and throw it in the trash (i know, i know….it should be the recycling box, but i haven’t gotten one yet).

by now, it’s time to greet lily and think about breakfast, ususally consisting of eggs, bacon (most times the turkey variety if i can sneak it past jake), grits, and toast; sometimes i make pancakes for lily if she says something about them. on those rare sundays when i have too much to do (i.e., finish a book, get caught up with american idol, psych, or vampire diaries), jake makes me feel really bad. this year has been worse; i get the: “i’ll be at college next year, so i won’t be here for you to cook for” speech. that gets me every time, and i immediately pull out the cookware.

lily usually wants to help –make a mess! haha…but i always let her. this morning, she cracked the eggs and washed her tea set while i finished up cooking.

today is rainy, and i’ve just finished a YA novel called absolute brightness. i have a few minutes alone (jake & kevin left for the mall to exchange some headphones & lily’s “resting” in front of the tv). the rain makes me nostalgic. i’m missing something from long ago and can’t put my finger on it. maybe it will come to me; maybe not. but one thing’s for sure: the slow mornings when all i have to do is get my family breakfast are my favorite days. and while it’s sad that jake will be in college next year and i won’t have to cook for him, at least he’ll have those days to look forward to when he comes home.

sundays give me time to think about the week i’ve just finished; the week coming up; and another chance to “change” my life if i wanted to. but today, i wouldn’t change anything.