today is a proms & potties day….

proms: when jake was about 3, maybe 4, he and i were out to eat at a local shoney’s. jake as always bounced in his seat, looked all around, and talked nonstop. suddenly, he burst out with: “mommy, look at that man. he’s bald!” immediately, i told jake not to say something like that–it wasn’t nice. well, of course, i looked, hoping that the man was far enough away and didn’t hear jake’s faux pas (did i spell that right?). the dude heard. i saw his shoulders jiggling with laughter.  jake didn’t stop there. he kept trying to get me to turn around and look and share this experience with him. it was as though it wasn’t true unless i acknowledged it! i had only been a mom for 3 (maybe 4) years, but i knew i couldn’t just let him keep saying such mean things–imagine, knowing you’re bald and some squirmy little rugrat announcing it to the entire world, as if you did NOT know!

so i fell into punishment mode: “if you say that one more time, i’m going to spank you!”

jake ducked his head and seemed to drop it. then i hear: “mommy, that man–”

me: jake, i just told you if you say that man is bald again, i’m going to spank you.

jake: but i wasn’t gonna say that man was bald; i was gonna say that man ain’t got no hair!


fast forward 15 years:

potties: lily, jake, kev, and i are having breakfast at a resturant at the beach. we’ve been wrestling with her trying to get her to stop being so twitchy and eat. a man walks around us toward the buffet. suddenly lily yells out for all the world to hear: “mommy, mommy…that’s barack obama!!”

total embarassment!!!


i’m telling this story because we’re watching ncaa basketball  and every black dude lily sees she calls barack obama; and every white dude is john mccain! she’s killing me!!! 🙂