today was actually a good day at school. i hardly ever say that, especially since i’ve been at this particular school, but it really was. my unit/theme for march has been “growing up” stories — stories where the character learns something about him/herself. we read oedipus rex, and a story from the sudan called a handful of dates; then they chose between and irish story called the trout or a new zealand story called the dolls house. i had them track the stories on an inquiry chart so they could keep the info organized–they taught the story they read to someone who read the other one and completed the chart together.

okay, so all those things are from earlier in the week. today, i had them choose a multigenre assignment to show what they had learned. the choices were basically a poem, ipod playlist, conversation between 2 characters of different stories, the opening prosecution & defense speech for a character (on trial for the problem in the story), and a 6-frame comic strip. whatever they chose had to be completed by the end of the period.

everybody worked. everybody turned in their assignment.

i was absolutely impressed with my two regular classes (my honors class is behind, and we didn’t get to this activity today). i couldn’t believe how quiet they were–or how creative. i had more students writing poems than doing  the drawing! totally was NOT expecting that! but it was great!!!

i think every friday (or at the least every other friday) is now creative-friday!