i wish that i had some sort of inspiring story–or even that i thought today was a “good” day.

i wish i could celebrate my students’ progress or their willingness push themselves just a little further.

i wish school didn’t have to be so darn hard.

i wish j.t. had gotten a good night’s rest last night instead of trying to catch up on his REMs in my class today.

i wish i could figure out how to grade my papers during my planning time rather than fight the cat for couch space at home.

i wish my honors students were really honors material; scratch that–i really wish that “honors” meant academically talented, enthusiastic, motivated students.

i wish jake had asked his AP teacher for clarification on his essay rather than play around after his quiz today; think of the headache i wouldn’t have when he fusses at me for not understanding the assignment!

i wish kevin wasn’t sick. i depend on him too much for little things like giving lily a bath.

i wish i were a better teacher and not the big old dummy-dumb failure i’m feeling like.

i wish genies or talking fish or leprechauns were real! 😉