this writing challenge has been a blessing and a curse. i feel blessed that i’ve committed to writing every day for a month and have stuck with it–sort of like i did during nanowrimo in november, and i had students writing, too. they didn’t read my writing, nor i theirs, but we kept each other honest about word counts and daily writing targets/goals. for the last 20 days, i’ve had to keep myself honest–not an easy feat–and i’m definitely proud of the posts i’ve added (not to mention the fact that i figured out how to use wordpress after almost 2 years of playing around!)

as much as i’ve enjoyed it though, i’m equally irritated. i can’t stop having ideas to write about! everything that happens now becomes a story–the lady driving her little black sports car too slowly on the interstate–license plate says: “vvvvvv”!; shopping at steinmart for the first–and last–time (greedy women, hilariously obnoxious golf clothes for old men, not enough fat-chick clothing selections); telling lily that today is the first day of spring; wondering why i care who wins college basketball games. and these are just the ideas i’ve had today!

i think this is a key for my students–the more you write, the more you want to write, and the easier it gets to come up with ideas. it’s not necessarily easier to fill up that blank page, but at least the starting point is there, right? i hope i keep this in mind as i’m teaching this week. my students need to see me struggle and figure a way out of whatever problem i’m having. it’s not only students–my colleagues and my sister need to see me struggle, so they can join me!!  hint, hint! 🙂