i spent most of the day at barnes & noble — some people get lost in the forest/on a hike, some get lost in exercise, some get lost while swimming; i, however, get lost at the barnes & noble. there’s nothing i like better than bringing  a pile of books to a table, ordering a venti-anything, opening the notebook i keep in my purse, and reading. today, i learned what beck & mckeoen (sp?) say about vocabulary instruction, specific types of content-area writing (i.e. lab reports, technical, RAFTS, etc), how doodling helps us think, and, some great tips on teaching poetry. i also got a good head start on the new michael printz award winner, going bovine–i love the author’s voice in this book!

so, i’m going to combine something new i learned (poetry) with getting lost:

B & N Oops!

walking through the door is the easy part;

one whiff, and i know coffee brews at your heart.

patrons seek shelter from the storm of ignorance–

or maybe some music of lasting significance.

but i beg for nothing ‘cept quiet and solitude

to read, to write, to play blackberry’s snood.           <this is a stupid game>

so when nature calls, and i rush from your womb,

who knew the men’s room would be my doom?

an apology seems less than sufficient

and my exit less than efficient

for the poor dude just trying to do his business,

interrupted by a chick lost in her own wilderness.  🙂