i’ve just finished the most amazing book: monkeytown, by ronald kidd. it’s about 15 year-old  francis who is in love with john scopes, of the scopes monkey trial. it’s based on the true story of francis’s father who was on the school board and a community leader –he apparently helped come up with the idea to “try” john scopes for teaching evolution, in hopes of getting publicity for the town of dayton, tennessee (i think that’s the right town).

i loved this because i’m not normally a history reader, but i couldn’t put it down. poor francis began to question everything: her religion, her ideas about the world, and, most importantly, her father. all the main characters of the scopes trial are characters in the book (i.e. charles darrow & william jennings bryan, etc). johnny scopes came across as an unwilling participant in the trial, although he at first agreed to what amounted to a scam. i’m not sure how much of that is historically accurate, although in his note, the author alluded to the truth of the conspiracy (may be too strong of a word!).

my favorite line: (pg 220) “no one is all bad although they may appear that way at first. but no one is all good either.” isn’t that just….smart? i can count the number of times i’ve tried to say the same thing about a character (oedipus, gatsby, etc) OR a student!!!

next up on  my reading agenda: someone like you by sarah dessen. I LOVE YOUNG ADULT LIT!! 🙂