today is a “proms & potties” day

jake (17) had a dentist appointment after school to finish a root canal — oh, happy day! lily (3) and i were waiting, all alone in the lobby, and i had to keep knocking her off me; she wanted to sit on top of me rather than in her own chair. i kept telling her that there were like 20 chairs she could pick: “but none of them have you” she tells me. i think she does that just to make me forget i tried to say no about something! 🙂    anyway, we spent most of the time watching YouTube videos of the “annoying orange”–here’s a link to one episode, but be careful: they are addicting!!

after the root canal, we had to go to the mall and take jake’s work permit to his new job. the ride over was fine, but when we got to the mall, jake walked in way ahead of us (why wouldn’t he?); it made me a little…sad’s not the right word…maybe nostalgic? like time is my enemy or something…i don’t know. anyway, lily got mad because i wouldn’t spend $5 to rent a stroller that looks like a race car. when i told her she was too big, she told me that she was still little, and proceeded to begin crawling on the floor! she stayed mad at me all the way home and kept telling me all the things that were making her mad: the flowers are taking too long to grow; jake looked at her with grouchy eyes, her shoes wouldn’t stay on; and she couldn’t get her pants refastened. she finally got over herself when she wanted to “help” me drive down our street, and i told her she couldn’t until she lost her attitude. she told me she’d lost it and “don’t know where it went.” !!!

jake just came in for help in drawing, so i suppose i need to go. lily is already fussing at him because he’ s not talking to her…but maybe they can draw some daisies and  get over themselves!