the front page news story for my internet service is the rhielle hunter gq photo shoot–she’s the mistress/girlfriend of former prez contender, john edwards — with whom he had a love child while his wife continues to battle terminal cancer. i’m not sure why i’m writing about this as it really has nothing to do with my life, per se; however, since i’m teaching oedipus rex EVERYTHING i see/hear has some sort of tragic flaw in it! for john edwards, it was a desire for power–maybe a little hubris sprinkled in for good measure!

so, my class is reading this old, old, old play–it’s my version, really; filled with text lingo and “redneck” words–and all i can think about is how lucky i am that i’m not elizabeth edwards having to deal with this atrocity in the public domain. isn’t that awful? i mean, as a woman, i do feel empathy for her (and maybe just a twinge for rhielle hunter–hasn’t every woman been duped by a guy at one time or another?); unfortunately, my overall feeling is that catharsis i keep preaching to my students that they need to feel when we finish reading tomorrow: “thank god it’s not me!”

the thing about teaching literature that i mentioned in my post yesterday is that we’re all connected by these stories, and people don’t change. my students will see this even more when we read dante’s inferno in a few weeks (a poet’s descent into hell). the sins that dante described are still around — greed, gluttony, lust, betrayal, murder, etc.

i mean, even the theme i chose for my blog is related to literature! can you see the eyes of dr. t.j. eckleberg at the top of the page? freaky, huh? (oh, that’s from the great gatsby in case it’s been a while since you’ve read it). i know, i know…somebody stop me!! 🙂