I love the tv show 24. Keifer Sutherland and I have been soulmates since Lost Boys a million years ago. It only got worst in Flatliners. He can save the world one hour at a time–and does so with panache! It’s a roller coaster every week, and I love it! I don’t like the politicians using his character for their agendas, but I understand why they might. I mean, I’m sure that there are tons of threats against America every day; but, seriously, why do our leaders have to be so paranoid? That’s my beef with Jack Bauer, too. He’s always so sure that somebody’s out to get him, that he misses little clues that might solve the case before his 24 hours are up! This season, I’m hoping Jack can get a love-interest: Renee, a rogue FBI agent. They are perfect together!

Tomorrow begins my favorite part of American Idol — we’re in Hollywood, baby! Alas, this season, there is no Adam Lambert, and definitely no David Cook. But there are two girls who I think will make the top 3. We’ll see. I will say, though, it’s not as good without Paula Abdul.