i love teaching literature! i’m like, EVERYTHING is connected to a STORY, and i just find that incredibly cool. maybe it’s the fact that i plan in units/chunks and consciously try to make connections, i’m able to see them easier. i’m working tonight on the next chunk of my time before spring break, and i had originally scheduled myself time to read/study a hero’s journey. unfortunately, due to the weather and writing test prep, i’m way behind those original intentions. while watching duke battle georgia tech, i decided to still finish up oedipus and then do a week of dante’s inferno (i’m in total love with these 2 old stories!); however, i just felt like i’d be leaving something out (it’s the whole classics vs. contemporary thing).

then, as i was thinking and planning and writing, it hit me that, low and behold, oedipus is a story of a man trying to find out the truth about himself — why not spend these next few weeks letting my students wrestle with the same struggle? who are they? what events in their lives have made up their character? what do they value? do they have any tragic flaws? what is a truth they’ve learned on their own?

i have about 8 stories from world literature (meaning non-western)that i’m pulling from to show how characters answer these questions for themselves. i’m trying to find poetry and would love to use some non-fiction. i’ve already found about 10 songs i can pull in for quick-writes and connections–this is good since a culminating assignment is to create a personal soundtrack.

the only problem i foresee is one student whose mother died unexpectedly about a week ago. i’m not sure how to approach this assignment with her (delicately, i know). i don’t have any stories about death (would be too morbid anyway), but she’s gone through a defining moment in her life that is too raw to mess with.

other than that, i’m pretty psyched about the next 3 weeks (okay, as excited as one can get over school!!)