today is a proms & potties day…

prom (jake, the 17 y/o): “hey mom…listen to this message (i listen intently to a guy tell my son to call him back as soon as possible). “who was it?” i say. “the manager at hollister–i got a job, yeah, baby!!” says jake.

potties: (lily, the 3 y/o): “i loooooooooove you i loooooove you i looooooooooooooooooove¬† yoooooooooouuuuu!! (her barbies are singing to each other — she’s “singing” at the top of her lungs).

proms: (me to jake) “will you run up to the harris teeter and get a loaf of bread?” –> “but i have to go to jackie and get my hair styled for my orientation tomorrow!” needless to say,¬† there’s no bread.

potties: (lily) “stooooooop, jake!! i’m watching mickey mouse!!! AAAAAHHHHH!” (jake) “mom, tell her i’m watching the baskeball tournament!!”

potties: “lily, if you want to go to the barbie birthday party at the toy store, you have to get dressed.”

proms: “jake, you HAVE to pull your pants up! i’m SO tired of seeing your undies, i can’t take it anymore!!”

potties: “lily, your barbies are going in time-out if you don’t sit down and eat right now!”

most days, this is my life. being a mother to such a wide age span is definitely challenging, but oh, so much fun! i seriously never knew how lonely jake was until i had lily. he adores her and craves her attention; she, on the other hand, loves to aggravate him endlessly! normally, though they act exactly the same. it’s totally weird.

if i ever write this book (proms & potties), i know it’d be a bestseller!! haha…