my friend somer gave me a news article today about a woman in charlotte who wrote a zombie book and made a killing! we’re both extremely jealous because we want to write a book, of course! and who reads about zombies? 😉

the problems, i told her, are that  neither of us are debutantes (the article-lady is), nor are we lawyers with extra money to take time off and write (again, describes the chick). we have to get our priorities right. i mean, books don’t write themselves; ideas are just ideas until we sit down and write. it might be nice to win the lottery, though; then i could build a writing retreat in the backyard like virginia woolf wrote about–i’d REALLY get some writing done!! ha!

even though i “won” nanowrimo this year, my book is not finished.  i became very bogged down with prepping for the state writing test and haven’t written much more on the story. nor have i met with my students who won so they could revise their books and get their free copy. geez–i feel like such a slacker!