today is a “pet peeve” day—at least that’s the writing prompt in my mind. so, here’s a short list:

1. infomercials for workout equipment promising that for only 3 minutes a day, i can have a model-like body.

2. when my mother buys cheap dog treats that give my wolfer smelly gas.

3. jake at 10:00 pm: mom, i need you to stop watching psych and edit an AP us history paper.

4.  sundays without something sportsy to watch or law & order svu episodes.

5. when kevin knows i want a nook from barnes & noble–it was the only thing i requested at christmas–but he pretends “we” decided it wasn’t worth the money; but suddenly he needs another router for woodwork–something he really doesn’t do!

6. when it’s sunday at 10:42 pm & i can’t make myself write lesson plans for the coming week. i’m too nervous about the writing test on tuesday, and fear a horrible showing from students who won’t try.

7. when i have plenty of time to work on my nanowrimo novel, but choose NOT TO!! how can i make a million bucks if i don’t finish it??