okay….my two babies (jake, 17–not technically a baby; lily, 3 — again, not technically baby-status) are driving me crazy!

1) jake refuses to pull his pants up! i can tell if he’s had a shower every day just by the tommy hilfiger underwear rolling out of his hollister skinny jeans! how long has this been going on? is this just a fad? unfortunately, i’ve been witness to his underwear slippage since he was around 13!! i’m sitting here watching duke clean up the floor with carolina, but all i can “see” is jake’s blue plaids erupting from his sweatpants!! how can i possibly enjoy this basketball massacre with that kind of distraction?? i did put his underwear in time out once. this entailed buying 2 packs of tighty-whities, putting them in his drawer, and hiding his boxers. i didn’t give them back for about 2 weeks, when he kept his pants up. however, here we are….and i’m still seeing bloomers. Unfortunately, someone else has been witness to this and has written a song. here’s the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnsDeyLDTY8

2) but nothing can drive me up the wall quicker than hearing someone use “ain’t” when they talk or write—and lilybell has started using that word in EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE!! she’s getting it from her babysitter which is another whiney issue for me, but the more i try to get her to stop saying it, the worse it gets! i really think it’s funny, especially because she totally uses it correctly–but when i tell her to not say it, she says her sentence again and says “not”! so she knows what’s she’s doing. that’s just just a looney, funny linguistical (is that a word) phenomenon…

that’s about all going on in my house on this lazy saturday!