i’ve decided that teaching is interfering with my life–haha…i know, i know–what did i expect when i graduated with a special education degree? or an english degree? i knew there would be teenagers involved. i knew there would be drama in my place of employment. i even knew that my weeknights/weekends would cease to be my own. i  have even given my dreams over to teaching, for goodness sake!!

today was very stressful, but i can’t even pinpoint an exact reason. we are 2 days before a state writing test, and my students come in all happy as if they have nothing to worry about except whether they had time to get a sundrop (soda) before being tardy to class!! i’m stressing! i’m in a bad mood; i’m thinking they are going to fail because they aren’t taking this test seriously. and then, i’m angry because i have to fight with allen to pick up his pencil, or with j.t. to wake up, or cory to stop talking, or tiffany to stop being greedy/self-centered. i’m doing all the work, and they are doing all the living!!

then i sit down to make a writing test review sheet and begin thinking about this test from their perspective. why should this test matter? they’ve been tested before; they know the ropes. they don’t have to plan because they can just think about what to say and crank out a 4 (passing grade). they are good people and do their work, so why shouldn’t some cranky test grader “give” them a passing grade?

teenagers are so self-centered, and i remember well being just like that–no one was worried about making a good grade, for we were too worried about who’s asking us to the prom, or if our hair has gone limp from the rainy weather.

unfortunately, all the politicians in raleigh and in washington are so far removed from this teen-aged world, they have no clue what we teachers deal with on a daily basis. i feel sorry for them. when was the last time a lawmaker was asked, in the middle of a conversation about comma placement,  if they’d ever tried “white trash”?!!! (this is apparently some sort of white chocolate concoction!)