i’m in a conundrum: do i ground jake (17 year old) for aggravating lily (3 year old), or just let him keep aggravating her? do i punish her for retaliating against him or just let it go? so is the life in my “proms & potties” existence!!

it never ceases to amaze me how very much alike “kids” are. jake wants to pick with a 3 year old, and lily wants to pick with a 17 year old. she’s figured out that withholding a hug or an “i love you” gets a strong reaction from him; he’s figured out that picking up her toys and pretending to play with them or take them gets a scream from her! they are totally the same!!

but what really gets me is when i’m dealing with a totally adolescent problem (let’s say driving to a nearby town), i’m simultaneously dealing with a totally toddler problem (“don’t drag the dog by her collar!!”).

being a mom is never boring!