slice of life — march 2

the snow was so pretty as it fell today that i almost forgot about that stack of ungraded papers and unprocessed progress reports! today was one of those days where being a teacher was the best and worst ideas i’ve ever had. my students—15 to 17 year old— behaved as though they were in elementary school: “do you think they’ll let us go home?”; “i bet we won’t make it to 4th period—i hope not at least because i didn’t do my geometry homework.”

of course, i was right there with them…willing the snow to stick so the superintendent would have a reason to put us all out of our misery..

and then the annoucement: school will be dismissed at 1:30. shouts of eccstatic joy rose from each classroom, drowning out the added admonition to “keep learning until 1:30.”

who was he kidding??